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Lemuel Stroud

This dedication is to Hanshi Lemuel Stroud, a dear friend who devoted more than fifty years to martial arts. He touched many lives through his training. He was an excellent technician and was a mentor who saw the potential in students even when we didn’t see it in ourselves. His impact on martial artists has been felt throughout the world. Those of us who had the opportunity to know him have been blessed beyond measure. Thank you Hanshi Stroud for giving your best to us all.

Landry Gray

Landry Gray taught GAMA Goju Karate for over 25 years at Charles June Karate Institute.  He received an 8th degree black belt and title of "Kyoshi."  Landry was loved by all who knew him and changed many lives.  His friendship, guidance, teaching, and tough love has helped us all in one way or another.  It is through Landry's vision that we were able to move to our current location on Reedy Branch Road and open our afterschool program.  Thank you so much, Landry.

  Special Tributes

While many special people have come into our lives, we would like to give a special honor to two amazing men.  

Lemuel (Doc) Stroud taught jujitsu, judo, and karate for many years in Kinston, NC.  Our dojo has had and continues to have, close ties to his dojo, Stroud School of Martial arts through friendships and great training with his top students, who continue to pass on his legacy.  Hanshi Stroud passed on in 2013 after several years of suffering from Alzheimers.  

Landry Gray was one of Hanshi June's top students, who committed to studying and teaching karate as well as special education continuously for over two decades.  Landry was the driving force behind the creation of our afterschool program, and an inspiration to all of our black belts.  Landry passed on in 2009 after two years of suffering from brain cancer.