Self Defense

​We believe that self defense is one of the most important skills that we offer, and we have a saying that "you need to make the technique work for you."  This class is specially designed for students in our children's class to work on understanding how to make self-defense techniques work for them against attackers of different sizes.

This is also a great class for self defense partners to go to who are getting ready to test.  Self defense is currently not taught as a separate class, but incorporated into all classes that we offer.

Test Camp

​Test camp classes give students in our children's program an extra opportunity to make sure they are ready for upcoming belt tests.  In this class, they will work only on material that will be on the next test, and in particular on what is most difficult for them individually.  Students should attend at least two test camp classes when they are getting ready to test (once they have a testing card).  

Test camp classes are offered on Fridays at 5pm.


​Students are allowed to spar (kumite) beginning at yellow belt.  In sparring, they wear foam protection for the head, hands, and feet as well as a mouthpiece.  Female students wear chest protection and male students wear a groin cup.  Because safety is of number one importance to us, all students (adults and children) will be expected to maintain careful control at all times when sparring. 

Sparring classes teach coordination, balance, timing, and speed, among other lessons in karate.  Students must attend at least two sparring classes in order to test for each belt (orange and above).  Classes are offered for adults on the first and third Tuesday of every month at 7pm, and for children on Fridays at 6pm.

Special Classes

​In addition to our regular classes, our students are encouraged to participate in sparring, self-defense, and test camp classes.  These special classes are offered according to our schedule, and you can view our calendar to make sure you are on the correct day.  

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