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We are currently taking reservations for groups (10+) to complete our 6 week self defense course.  This is ideal for scouts and other groups, or small businesses, ranging from banks to hairdressers to daycare employees.  Fees vary based on time and group size. Call 752-7283.

Self Defense

Periodically, we offer a self defense class.  This is usually a six or eight week course purposely taught to women in a non-intimidating way.  Women in this course are generally not current students, but we have several female students that began by taking this course.  

In self defense, you will learn basic techniques for blocking and striking, techniques against gun and knife attacks, against grabs and holds, and situational awareness.  We can also form classes based on interest, so if you know a group of coworkers or friends that would like to learn self defense together, come on down!