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Winterville, NC


  • Charles June Karate offers a flexible schedule in order to meet as many people's needs as possible.  Adult classes are offered both in the day time and evenings.  Children's classes are offered in the evenings, and rotated throughout the week by belt color.  For a full schedule, click here.  
  • We post tests, class cancellations, and other events at the dojo, on the website, and on facebook.  We also post special classes like sparring, self-defense, and test camp on the website and at the dojo.  Click here for a calendar of events.  To find out more about our special classes, click here.
  • Our after school/summer camp program operated on an independent schedule from our karate classes.  For example, sometimes it is open when classes are cancelled.  For an after school/summer camp calendar, click here.
  • We offer belt tests the second Saturday, every other month.  To find out more about belt tests, click here.
  • Our demo team is an optional team for our children to go to local events and perform.  To find out more about demo team, click here.  
  • We do not currently hold any Charles June tournaments, but we do participate in other local tournaments.  For more information about tournaments, click here.
  • ‚ÄčOur black belts belong to a loosely organized group called the Black Pine Society.  This group holds several black belt workouts per year as well as an open seminar once per year.  To find out more about our seminars, click here.