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Students in the Little Dragons program will be able to achieve rank up through green belt within this program, and when they demonstrate the maturity and physical ability to participate in the children's program (usually about 7 years of age), they can keep their rank and attend children's classes until they are ready for their next belt test.

  How do I get my child started?

You can drop by any time and speak to one of our instructors or staff members.  We offer a two-week free-trial, which means if they wear comfortable clothing, they can go ahead and try a class (see schedule for white belt class) when they first come in.  Parents are always encouraged to watch and ask questions.  To sign up, either print (below) or pick up a registration form and hand it in to any of our staff members.  

Belt Requirements      

When a Little Dragons Student believes he/she is ready to demonstrate required techniques, they may ask an instructor to observe them at the end of class.  They perform these techniques individually, and are awarded tips upon successful completion.  Once a student earns two tips, the instructor and parent will discuss when the student will be ready for a belt test.  Belt tests are performed on scheduled Saturdays with a small group of students.  While families are welcome to watch any class, belt tests are a great time for family or friends to watch the student perform what they have learned. 

  Little Dragons

  • Geared toward students 4 - 7 years old
  • Emphasis on improving basic motor skills and developing positive mental skills
  • Kindergarten readiness program teaches focus, self-control, memory, concepts, balance and teamwork
  • Group activities teach the benefits of good behavior and leadership