Demo Team

As a part of our demonstration team, students have the opportunity to showcase their talents at local community events.  Students may participate in several demonstration and parade events throughout the year.  During team practices, they are encouraged to work together to create new routines throughout the year.  

Any student gold belt and above who shows leadership and self-control during regular classes is invited to participate in demo team.  Demo team students are expected to participate in most practices and events, and to exhibit good behavior and leadership both at the dojo and at home and school.  If you are interested in joining demo team, talk to Sensei Michelle.

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Winterville, NC

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Demo Team practice will begin in April for the 2017 year.

The ALS Icebucket Challenge: 

Our demo team participated in the ALS Icebucket challenge on August 22nd and 23rd, 2014.  To donate, go to the ALS website.  

Relay for Life:
Charles June Karate is committed to fundraising for Relay for Life in memory of Landry, who died in 2009 of brain cancer.  He was an amazing and inspirational man, and it is an honor to carry on his memory.  Come back for more information next spring when our team celebrates Relay 2016!

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