Requirements: Testing in each of our three age-group programs is handled differently.  

  • In the Little Dragon program (4 - 7 years old), the instructor will encourage students to ask for "tips" when they are ready to demonstrate techniques.  Once a student has two tips, the instructor and parent will decide together the date that the student will test.
  • In the Children's program (8 - 13 years old), students should ask an instructor for a test card when they think they are getting ready (within 2 months) to test for their next belt.  The front of the test card will be filled out by both the student and parent together. The back of the test card has a list of techniques that the student needs for the test. The cards will be held in the workout rooms where the students can access them in order to present them to the instructor to be checked off before or after class. Cards need to be completely checked off at least two weeks prior to the belt test in order for students to be eligible to test.  Students in the Children's program testing for orange belt and above must be working with an approved self defense partner in the weeks leading up to testing.
  • ​In the Adult's program (14 years and older), students are responsible to determine when they are ready to test, and are encouraged to discuss plans with an instructor prior to testing.  

​​Time:  There are minimum time requirements (generally 4 or 6 months) between belts. However, most students tend to take more than the minimum amount of time between belts.  Belt tests are held the second Saturday of every other month (January, March, etc) so that students can test when they are ready.  We schedule belt tests at three different times throughout the day, depending on the test.

  • Little Dragons test at 11:30 am.
  • White belts (children and adults) testing for gold belt begin at 12:30 pm.
  • Upper belts (children and adults) testing for orange belt through brown belt begin at 1:30 pm.
  • Black belt tests are scheduled separately and as needed (usually once per year).

Fee:  There is a $35 belt fee that may be paid leading up to or on the day of the test.

Belt Tests

Belt tests are performed on scheduled Saturdays with a small group of students.  While famillies are welcome to watch any class, belt tests are a great time for family or friends to watch the student perform what they have learned.  

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