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Winterville, NC

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How do I get started?

You can drop by any time and speak to one of our instructors or staff members.  We offer a two-week free-trial, which means if you wear comfortable clothing, you can go ahead and try a class (see schedule) when you first come in.  To sign up, either print (below) or pick up a registration form and hand it in to any of our staff members.  

Belt Requirements

Students in the Adult Karate Program should make an instructor aware when they feel they are ready to test.  The student and instructor can then determine if the student is ready or if more work is needed before the test. 

Belt tests are performed on scheduled Saturdays with a small group of students.  While famillies are welcome to watch any class, belt tests are a great time for family or friends to watch the student perform what they have learned.  

  Adult Karate

  • Morning and evening classes to fit a variety of schedules
  • Beginning and advanced classes
  • Focus on fitness and self-defense
  • Unique family atmosphere
  • Students of all ages (14 and up)
  • Increase balance, flexibility, coordination, and perception
  • We also welcome students of all ranks who have had training in any martial art