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Winterville, NC

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  About Us

The Charles June Karate Institute, headed by Hanshi Charles June, is located on Reedy Branch Road near Pitt Community College.  We encourage students of all ages, levels of experience, and walks of life to train with us.  We recently celebrated Hanshi June's 50th year in the martial arts.  In addition to his experience in karate and on the tournament circuit with other great martial artists such as Bill Wallace, Johnny Holbrook, and Larry Isaac, many of our black belts bring their own experience in karate tournaments, kickboxing, law-enforcement, Philipino arts, Tai Chi, Ju-jitsu, and other areas to make our system as diverse and unique as it is today.  Click here for more historyabout GAMA Goju.  

​Our afterschool program is made possible by one of our instructors, Landry Gray, who passed away in 2009 with brain cancer.  Many of our students have also trained with Hanshi Stroud at Stroud's School of Martial Arts, which is carried on by his top students after he passed in 2013 with Alzheimer's.  Our tribute page highlights each of these amazing men.

​We offer karate classes up to six days per week.  Click here for our schedule and for more information about our instructors.  

For photos of belt tests, demonstrations, and other events, click here.